Physical, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Volume 1 / Фізична, реабілітаційна та спортивна медицина. Том 1

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Рік видання: 2023

Тип обкладинки: тверда лам.

Розміри: 21×30 см. Кі-сть сторінок: 448 с.

ISBN 978-617-574-227-3

ISBN 978-617-7937-63-9

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“PHYSICAL, REHABILITATION AND SPORTS MEDICINE” is considered as an integrated medical science of optimization of disturbed parameters of homeokinesis and mechanisms of adaptation in patients with various pathologies. The quartet of homeokinesis is formed by the nervous, endocrine, immune and metabolic systems. At the organ level, in the assessment of homeokinesis, the state of microcirculation, density and sensitivity of receptors, activity of parenchymal structures are important, at the intracellular level the content of microelements and messengers is important. The concept of “vegetative passport” of the patient is introduced, which is determined by clinical and laboratory methods (study of the sensitivity of platelet receptors to acetylcholine and norepinephrine, tests). Vegetative homeokinetic theory of pathology has been developed. In vagotonic stayers, the main mediator is acetylcholine and is dominated by trophotropic processes and problems with the K-Na pump. Patients vagotonics are prone to serotonin-deficient anxiety and depression, allergies, intracellular alkalosis, mycoses, the predominance of anabolic hormones, venous stasis. In sympathetic sprinters, the main mediator is norepinephrine, dominated by ergotropic processes, they form serotonin-dependent manic-panic-phobic reactions, there is a predominance of catabolic hormones, immunodeficiency, acidosis, high intracellular and bacterial calcium. The strategic goal of medicine is active longevity. Medical rehabilitation programs “Longevity” are offered. The structure of the rehabilitation diagnosis, the basic provisions and principles of adaptive homeokinetic physio-, kinesi-, pharmaco-psychotherapy, medical nutrition, balneology, which are a component of the rehabilitation program, are developed. Medical control is represented by diagnostic methods based on “rehabilitation dualism”. Programs of medical rehabilitation of diseases various forms and comorbidities are given. The etiology, classification, diagnosis and treatment of syndromes of systemic insufficiency (dysneurotic, dyshormonal, dissimmune, dysmetabolic, dysalgic and inflammatory syndrome), as well as the typical clinical dysvegetative syndrome are presented. The publication is recommended as a textbook for students of higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels, interns and doctors who are undergoing advanced training in subjects and specialties “Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy”, “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine”, “Physiotherapy”, “Sports medicine”, “Physical rehabilitation”.

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Фізична реабілітація, спортивна медицина, фізичне виховання і здоров'є

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