Переглянути зміст і уривок посібника

Pokhylko V. I., Tsvirenko S. M., Cherniavska Yu. I

Stude guide — 132 p.

ISBN 978-617-574-192-4

The textbook discusses the algorithms for performing manipulations in neonatology in accordance with the curricula of pediatric disciplines, which are studied for 2 – 6 courses in higher medical education: “Care for patients. Practice”, “Propaedeutics of Pediatrics”, “Nursing Practice”, “Pediatrics”.

The textbook aims to help students of higher medical education in the formation of professional skills and abilities of objective examination of healthy and sick newborns of different gestational ages, mastering the basic principles of neonatal care, organization of newborn care. These algorithms are based on modern clinical guidelines for the care of newborns.

рубрика: Медичні науки