Zaporozhets T.M., Rud M.V., Sukhomlyn T.A.

Study guide – 189 p.

ISBN 978-617-574-147-4

The tutorial book is addressed to English-speaking students in medical and dental faculties of High Medical Educational Establishment of Ukraine. The manual contains theoretical material and material for practical classes, questions for students’ self-preparing in such content modules as excitable tissues physiology, organism functions nervous regulation, CNS role in motor functions regulation, sensory systems physiology, autonomic nervous system and endocrine glands role in visceral functions regulation.


Lesson 1. Physiology subject and tasks. Physiological investigations methods. Excitability. Excitation. Irritation laws.

Lesson 2. Membrane potentials. Resting and action potentials. Excitability changing during action potential.

Lesson 3. Skeletal muscles contraction mechanisms investigation.

Lesson 4. Skeletal and smooth muscles comparative characteristics.

Lesson 5. Reflex arc investigation. Receptors physiology.

Lesson 6. Excitation conduction investigation through nervous fibres.

Lesson 7. Excitation conduction investigation through synapses.

Lesson 8. Excitation processes investigation in CNS. Inhibition processes investigation in CNS.

Lesson 9. Reflectory activity coordination mechanisms investigation.

Lesson 10. Practical skills on the content modules 1,2,3. Situational tasks solving on the content modules 1,2,3.

Lesson 11. Spinal cord role investigation in motor organism functions regulation.

Lesson 12. Spine conductive function investigation. Somatosensory system investigation. Pain and anesthesia physiological bases.

Lesson 13. Posterior brain role investigation in motor and sensory functions Regulation.

Lesson 14. Midbrain role investigation in motor and sensor functions regulation.

Lesson 15. Cerebellum, diencephalon, basal ganglia investigation in organism motor functions regulation.

Lesson 16. Brain cortex activity investigation. Electroencephalography.

Lesson 17. Situational tasks solving on content modules 4.

Lesson 18. Autonomic nervous system structural-functional organization, its role in visceral functions regulation.

Lesson 19.Autonomic reflexes, their practical usage in clinics.

Lesson 20. Humoral regulation, hormones action mechanisms, hormones secretion regulation. Hypothalamic-hypophyseal system.

Lesson 21. Hormones role in regulating the psychic, physical development, body linear growth and homeostasis (hormones of thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, pancreas).

Lesson 22. Hormones role in regulating organism adaptation. Adrenal glands hormones. Hormones role in reproductive functions regulation.

Lesson 23. Visual sensory system investigation.

Lesson 24. Auditory and vestibular sensory systems investigation.

Lesson 25. Conditioned reflexes formation and inhibition investigation. Behaviour congenital and innate forms investigation: learning, memory, motivations, emotions, attention, and consciousness.

Lesson 26. Sleep, its types, stages, physiological role. HNA types investigation.

Lesson 27-28. Credit module controlling the managing module 1: General physiology, CNS physiology, higher integrative functions.

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